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Range devices

  1. Basics: CEYA 950
  2. Advanced: CEYA Smart1000. CEYA Smart 2000. CEYA Smart 3000.
  3. Expert: CEYA 01. CEYA 02. CEYA 03.
  4. Wellness and induced relaxation:STAR

Why does the CEYA effect work

The CEYA effect is special because it achieves what we all want: reproduce the esential conditions of life, from youth, in a fully adressed way and to the operator's discretion. For, we have named it the “Youth Activator”.



The applications of the CEYA device are varied and attend the asthetic centres' needs. In order to achieve a maximum of results, it is desirable to have the most complete devices that enable a better biologic effect as opposed to any aesthetic treatment.


Checking the results

  1. VISIA system
  2. Notary document
  3. Clinical research


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